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4 ways burglars get inside your home

We all want to keep burglars out of our homes – no matter the cost! After all, it’s not only buildings and possessions that we’re trying to protect. Most importantly, it’s our loved ones that we want to keep safe. Let’s look at four ways burglars get inside your home, and how you can prevent them from gaining access in these ways.

4 ways burglars get inside your home

1. The front door

One may assume that burglars have elaborate plans to dig underground tunnels that pop out in your entrance hall. The reality, however, is that a majority of burglars simply gain access to homes through the front door. Interestingly, most burglars are unskilled opportunists. In other words, they didn’t plan to rob you, but you left the door unlocked, or even open, so they decided to take a look around. The most obvious way to prevent this is, of course, to keep your front door closed and locked – whether you’re at home or out. Another barrier to entry is to install a solid security gate or retractable security gate in front of the door. These gates can be custom manufactured and professionally fitted to be aesthetically pleasing without compromising on security. 

2. The garage door

Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon in South Africa for burglars to follow people in their cars home. Criminals may see you leave work with a laptop, or the shops with an expensive purchase, so they decide to pursue you. Burglars can then gain entry into you home via your garage door if you open it without being aware that they’ve followed you. The main ways to prevent this is to stay alert on the roads, remove distractions (like being on your phone while driving) and take note of any cars that might be following you (by checking your rearview mirror). If you suspect that someone is following you, keep driving and make a few consecutive left or right turns. If the car is still on your tail then head for the nearest police station and call a loved one and/or the police to let them know what is happening. If you’re sure you aren’t being followed then head home, but never turn fully into your driveway until your garage door is completely open. While the garage door is opening, remain alert and keep looking around for cars or people who could “out of nowhere” so that you can make an escape if necessary. When arriving home safely, stay focussed and don’t forget to close the garage door as you go inside your home.

3. The patio door

Many South African families love to enjoy their outdoor patios, especially in summer when the draught created by left-open doors is welcome. All too often, we let down our guard in the backyard. Prevent burglars from gaining access through your patio doors by ensuring they’re closed and locked when you’re out. In addition, investing in a straightforward or combination solution of static security barriers and retractable security barriers will add another barrier to entry. The advantage of having these barriers in place is that doors and windows can be left open to let the breeze in while keeping burglars out. 

4. Windows

Another way burglars get inside your home is through windows, especially if they’re left open and unguarded. It doesn’t make sense to keep your windows closed all the time, so the best way to protect your windows is to install burglar bars. That way you can still use windows for their intended purpose (to allow air into your home) while disallowing criminals from climbing in. You can get custom-made welded cottage pane or horizontal burglar bars to match your window style. Alternatively, clear burglar bars are an unobtrusive option, yet still fully functional and secure.

These are the main ways that burglars get inside your home, and should therefore be your focus when addressing your home security requirements. Do not hesitate to get in touch with our King Trellis team who are ready to help you with a home security solution that meets your unique needs. 

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