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5 things you can do to burglar proof windows

Windows in a home are often left unlocked, and even wide open. For this reason, burglars often find it easy to get into properties through windows. To keep your home secure, it is fundamental to burglar proof windows. Let’s take a look at some things you can do to prevent burglars gaining entry into your home through windows.

5 things you can do to burglar proof your windows

1. Burglar bars

One of the most popular ways of burglar proofing your windows is to install burglar bars. There are many different types and colours to suit different styles and budgets. Our cottage pane and horizontal burglar bars are versatile, secure, robust, attractive, and customised on site to ensure the best fit. Another option that we offer is our King Clear transparent burglar bars made from UV-resistant flexible polycarbonate material and secured with a unique fastening system.

2. Static barriers

As an alternative to burglar bars, you can install static security barriers. Our King Fix range is a non-retractable barrier designed to complement our retractable security barrier range. The static barrier can be secured on all sides of your windows within a top and bottom galvanised track system, thereby ensuring there are no leverage points.​

3. Window alarms

It is possible to put sensors on your windows that set off an alarm if anyone tries to enter your home through the window. This will give you much-needed time to respond to the situation.

4. Shatterproof glass

Installing shatterproof glass in your windows will add another layer of security to your home. Also known as security glass, laminated glass, safety glass or tempered glass, it creates a more durable window that can withstand the force of burglars.

5. Shutters

Shutters, especially security shutters, are another way to burglar proof windows. However, this can be a costly option.

If you’d like to secure your home then burglar proofing your windows is an excellent place to start. Get in touch with us today to set up an appointment with one of our expert team members who will guide you through the different options.

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