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Toolshed organisation tips for tool collectors

Toolsheds can quickly become a bit of a mess. If you’re a tool collector, whether intentionally or inadvertently, then you might feel like you have more tools than space. Organising your tools neatly and logically requires a bit of planning and figuring out what storage solutions make the most sense for you. Let’s run through a few toolshed organisation tips to help you effectively optimise the space you have.

8 toolshed organisation tips

If you adopt just some of these tips, you’ll find that you’ll not only have more space in your toolshed, but you’ll also find it easier to find the tool you’re looking for (and put it back in the right place when you’re done with it).

  • First things first, take everything out of your toolshed and give it a thorough clean. Get rid of the dust, dead bugs and dangling spiderwebs.
  • Sort through your tools and group them together into categories. For example, it makes sense to put all the same nails together into one jar.
  • Once you’ve done a bit of organising, you might notice that you actually have one too many drills or that your hammer is broken. Time to get rid of those tools that you no longer use or are no longer in working order
  • This is also a great opportunity to get broken tools fixed or service tools that need some TLC.
  • Before putting any tools into your toolshed, it’s important to consider the space that you have and then carefully plan your storage solutions
  • Usually, the best place to start is to measure your space for shelving or light racking. This is the best way to capitalise on vertical space and get some of your bulk tools off the floor.  
  • Invest in clear storage boxes and jars that effectively use every centimetre of your shelf space. Remember, you’re trying to avoid lots of loose parts as much as possible. 
  • Next up, storage hooks are an ideal way to store other tools – from brooms and rakes to tool belts, garden hats, tools with cords and much more. There are so many ways to use hooks in your toolshed. 

Now stand back and appreciate how clean and organised your toolshed now looks. If you’d like to organise your toolshed, get in touch with us for a custom quote. Shelving and hooks really are a great way to sort out the mess. Alternatively, you can buy hooks and shelves online now.

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