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Update your commercial building with a facade renovation

In a business environment where brand reputation and appearance are essential, a facade renovation is becoming a popular investment option for commercial buildings (e.g. office blocks, retail spaces and warehouses) that are a little dated in their appearance. Facade comes from the French word, façade (pronounced [fasad]), which means “face” or “frontage”, and it usually refers to the front or exterior part of a building. Let’s take a look at why updating the face of your commercial building is a great idea. 

Why invest in a facade renovation?

There are a few ways that you can give your property a new look. A facade renovation or architectural facade is one thing you can do that offers many benefits, including climate control, sun protection, privacy management, improved appearance and extra security. A fresh facade will certainly enhance a commercial building’s image and make it more appealing and inviting. But is it worth it compared to, for example, building a new building, moving to another building or putting money and time into a building project to renovate your existing building?

Economically speaking, erecting an architectural facade is less costly and time-consuming than all of those options. Building a new building could take months, if not years, and will be a costly exercise. Moving to another building comes with relocation and rebranding costs, and potentially an increased rent rate. It will also result in valuable working time being lost during the move. A building renovation will also inevitably cost more and take longer than anticipated. A facade renovation, in comparison, is definitely more cost-effective and will only take a few days or weeks (depending on the extent and complexity of the installation). However, the main advantage is that your commercial building can continue operating as normal as there is minimal disturbance during installation. Environmentally speaking, architectural facades not only make your commercial building look great, but they also offer energy efficiency benefits.

So let’s recap! A facade renovation is a great idea because it can give your commercial building a fresh look and improve customer experience, be completed fairly quickly with minimal disruption and reduce operating costs by improving your building’s energy efficiency. If you’re interested in a facade renovation for your commercial building, contact us to set up a site visit.     

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