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Ways to make better use of an outdoor patio

Interestingly, patio comes from the Spanish word patio, which means backyard or back garden. It refers to the open inner court of a Spanish-style home. Today, a patio refers to any outdoor living space that adjoins a home (or possibly even an office building), and it’s usually between the building and a garden. It can be attached or freestanding. It’s often used as a place to eat, entertain or relax (and maybe even work). An outdoor patio may or may not have a cover or roof, and is usually paved or tiled. Does your property have an outdoor patio area like this that is hardly used? Whatever it looks like, let’s look at ten ways that you can make better use of it.

10 ways to make better use of an outdoor patio

Perhaps by making some of these changes to your outdoor patio, you’ll find yourself making better use of it all year round.

  • Clear out the junk – sometimes an outdoor patio space can become a bit of a dumping ground for stuff we aren’t sure what to do with. Do a clearout and make space.
  • Clean it up – if your patio has become a home for spiders and other bugs then it’s time to dust away the cobwebs and clean up the inevitable dust found in an outdoor space.
  • Give it a paint job – if the walls around or adjoining your patio are looking the worse for wear, slap on a fresh coat to paint to freshen things up.
  • Pop in some colour and contrast – a space with a bit of colour and contrast is a lot more attractive than a dull one. Is there anything drawing you into your outdoor space?
  • Get it coveredfixed awnings or adjustable louvre awnings are a great way to prolong summer in your home
  • Light it up – you’re not going to want to use your outdoor patio if it is a dark, dingy place. One of the advantages of adjustable awnings is that you can open the louvres to allow light and air in.
  • Figure out the floor – perhaps your outdoor patio needs to be cleaned or redone. There are a number of flooring options you can choose from to make your patio ready to entertain. You might even want to put down an outdoor rug to make the space more inviting.
  • Find somewhere to sit – an outdoor patio will certainly be used more if there is somewhere to sit (other than the floor), so why not invest in some outdoor furniture, e.g. couches, beanbags, dining tables, benches, etc?
  • Make it private and protected – by adding an architectural facade and/or sun screen you will create a private patio (unexposed to nosy neighbours) that is protected from any glaring sun that it gets during the day.    
  • Add a few luxuries – there are some things you can add to your patio space, like comfort and warmth, that can help you enjoy it all year round

Don’t let your outdoor patio collect dust. Get in touch with us if you’d like to find out more about investing in an awning, facade or sun screen for your property.

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