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What do awnings for doors actually do?

More people are investing in door awnings for their personal and business properties. But what do awnings for doors actually do? Let’s delve into this and figure out if there is any real benefit to having them. 

What are awnings for doors?

An awning is a cover that stretches over a space to offer protection from the elements – the hot sun, the pouring rain, the howling wind, the pelting hail and the occasional sleet or snow. Awnings extend over windows, doors and outdoor areas of homes and businesses. Awnings come in many different shapes, styles, sizes and materials.

Awnings for doors are obviously fitted above exterior doors and extend the roof line over the threshold of doors. Fixed door awnings are most common as they offer consistent coverage. They are usually made from a type of aluminium or metal, rather than fabric, so they can withstand both sunshine and storms, as well as hold the weight of water and debris. Needless to say, fixed metal door awnings last longer than fabric awnings and are frequently preferred for commercial and residential applications.

What do awnings for doors actually do?

Awnings for doors can actually do a lot to not only practically improve your property, but also aesthetically improve it too. There are 3 good reasons to get a door awning:

1. Protect comers and goers from the elements

2. Protect your door from the elements

3. Add architectural appeal

All of these reasons are applicable and important for homes and businesses. In both instances, door awnings offer a great transition space from outdoors to indoors, and they help homeowners and business owners make effective use of these areas. There’s no doubt that installing a door awning is an investment – whether it’s over your front door at home or over the stacking doors at the restaurant you own. Why not call us to get a quote on either a Fascia’d or PolyLite door awning for your commercial or residential property? 

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