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What to look for in a retractable security gate

The advantages of a retractable security gate are many, and they can be installed in many places. But the number of businesses selling them is just as many. So how do you choose the right one? What should you look for? You obviously want to invest in the best to secure what is most important to you. Let’s observe some features of a retractable security barrier that we believe are fundamental.  

10 must-have features to look for in a retractable security gate

1. No plastic mechanical parts

The fact is that retractable gates and barriers shouldn’t have any plastic or nylon mechanical components, as these small parts can weaken the product and break easily.

2. Steel roller bearings

Steel ball or roller bearings are perfect for robust applications, such as expanding gates, that handle high loads and fast RPS (rotations per minute). Some also feature a radial load capacity of up to 13500 kilograms. They are also usually very precise due to the clearance that can be achieved during manufacturing.

3. Robust metal barrier

The gates and barriers themselves should be manufactured from robust steel or aluminium that considers the installation area’s climate. 

4. 4 rows of cross flights

Trellis gates should have at least 4 rows of cross flights for extra strength and security.

5. Dovetail aluminium drop bolts

Dovetail aluminium drop bolts are fundamental to adequately secure the barrier or gate in place.

6. Epoxy powder coated

This not only offers a flawless finish, but also makes the product UV, rust and corrosion resistant.

7. Secured on four sides within the reveal

For added durability, all sides of your security barrier or gate need to be secured within a top and bottom track system.

8. Slamlock

When you slam the security gate closed, it should instantaneously securely lock it.

9. Deadlock

Expanding gates should have a locating pin, which acts as a deadlock system when locked.

10. Galvanised tracks

Trellis gates must be secured on a top and bottom galvanised metal track. Ideally, the top track should be a double-lipped rolled-top track and the bottom track should be a low-profile dovetail track.

It also goes without saying that the business you deal with should be professional, and the installation process should not be a headache. There are lots of pros of expandable security gates, but you need to choose the right business with the right product. Contact us if you have any questions or if you’d like to get a quote on a customised retractable security gate. We’d love to help you find a security solution that is right for you.

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