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Winter security tips for homes and businesses

Things are a lot colder and darker in winter. But this certainly doesn’t deter criminals. Sometimes crime actually increases during the cooler months, especially as a lot of home and business owners tend to put off security precautions. Here are a few simple winter security tips to follow during the chilly season that will help keep property and, more importantly, people safe.

Winter security tips for homes and businesses

Tip 1: Check outdoor lights

With the sun going down earlier and coming up later in winter, it’s important to check that your outdoor lights are working optimally. Make sure you regularly test your lights if they have motion sensors or light sensors. You can assume they’re turning on and off when, in fact, they aren’t working at all. If you need to manually turn your outdoor lights on then try to get into the habit of doing this earlier in the evenings. Criminals frequently operate under the cover of darkness, so it’s key to remove any potential hiding places around your home or business. Lighting is also fundamental to the effectiveness of security cameras (if you have). 

Tip 2: Check security gates

We often use solid security gates in summer to allow a through draft. But in winter, because we keep the door closed, we can forget to close the security gate. What’s worse is that we can forget to lock the door in our haste to get warm inside. In winter, remember to check that your security gates and doors are locked – when you’re in and when you’re out. A solid security gate is a pivotal additional layer of security for homes and businesses.

Tip 3: Check burglar bars and/or static security barriers

In winter, some windows don’t get opened at all and can become somewhat neglected. However, home and business owners must check windows, burglar bars and/or static security barriers for weathering, damage or signs of an attempted break-in on a daily basis. It’s so important to install robust burglar bars and/or static security barriers in your home and business.

Tip 4: Check retractable barriers

Many South Africans have wisely installed retractable barriers alongside their sliding or stacking patio doors as an additional layer of security. However, these doors and barriers are certainly not as frequently opened during winter as they are in summer. Remember to ensure these doors and barriers are locked and, like the burglar bars and static barriers around your home or business, check on a daily basis for degradation, damage or signs of tampering. Investing in reputable retractable barriers that provide that much-needed extra security on exposed patios is key.

Although we might hibernate in winter, unfortunately, burglars do not. Homes and businesses need to ensure their security is maintained throughout the year, especially in winter. Contact us for all your home and business security barrier needs – your safety is our priority. 

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