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Do homes need an awning in winter?

An exterior awning certainly adds value by extending the living space of your home. But will this space really be used much in winter? Yes, an awning on your patio can be used and enjoyed all year round – especially in parts of South Africa where winter days are typically quite warm. Fixed awnings are an elegant addition to any property that enables you to enjoy these warmer winter days outside whilst offering sun protection. Louvre awnings are particularly perfect for all seasons, including winter, as they can be adjusted (i.e. opened or closed) depending on what the weather is doing. Let’s consider some more benefits of an awning in winter.

3 benefits of an awning in winter

1. Enjoy the outdoors (even in the evenings)

Instead of hibernating indoors, it’s still possible to enjoy the outdoors and get some fresh air if you have a covered outdoor space. The cover helps to trap the warmth and protect you from chilly breezes. Hang some blankets over your patio chairs that can be grabbed and flung over or around you when things get nippy. In the evenings, you may need an outdoor heater or an outdoor fireplace/firepit, as well as a cup of tea or hot chocolate.

2. Keep things warm inside

Simply by having an outdoor awning, you can help keep the warmth inside your home. Not only will your outdoor patio be a warmer space with the cover, but it will also overflow into your home. This means less reliance on heaters inside, and therefore less electricity costs.

3. Ongoing protection from the elements

Just because it’s winter, it doesn’t mean that the sun (in all its harshness) disappears. It’s also possible to have some winter showers. Having an awning can help protect your patio, furniture and windows from the elements. This makes it easier to keep your home and possessions well maintained and looking great.

Winter is a great time to install a fixed or louvre awning as rainfall is minimal, which means the installation can be done without any delays. If you’d like to optimise the space you have, get in touch with us now to arrange a site visit with one of our sales reps.

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