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What is an exterior awning, and how will it add value?

If you’ve been researching some ways to optimise the space that you have or add value to your property then you may have come across the idea of erecting an exterior awning. Let’s discuss what an exterior awning is, and how it will (most certainly) add value to your home or business.

What is an exterior awning?

An exterior awning is an extension, overhang or secondary cover that is most often attached to one (or more) of the exterior walls of a building. The main purpose of an exterior awning is to create more space for property owners – specifically outside space to enjoy being outdoors. It’s no wonder that people usually think of a fixed or adjustable awning as being the perfect covering for an outdoor patio or courtyard area

Another reason to invest in an exterior awning is that it offers protection from the elements. For this reason, exterior awnings are particularly popular in South Africa because we enjoy a lot more warm, sunny hours in the day than in a lot of other countries. Awnings offer protection and control of the sun in all seasons. They allow people to choose how they enjoy the warmth and sun throughout the year.

Exterior awnings also provide cover from the rain, so there’s no need to rush inside when it starts to drizzle. Exterior door awnings are especially useful as they offer protection from the rain when you’re standing outside a door waiting to lock it or to be let inside.

How will it add value?

It’s not a question of if an exterior awning will add value to a property, but how will it add value. Simply by extending the usable floor space of your property, an awning adds immense value to your property. Not only that but when you choose a reputable supplier that manufactures good quality, customised awnings then you’ll also add architectural appeal to your property. And when it comes to the idea of adjustable louvre awnings, the advantages are countless.

Get in touch with our team if you’d like to discuss ways that an awning (door, window, fixed or adjustable) can add value to your unique property.

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