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Long-lasting alternatives to outdoor blinds

If there’s one thing we love about South Africa it’s the sunshine! However, it can be quite harsh when it’s glaring in your eyes. A lot of people opt for outdoor blinds on their patios to manage the sun’s rays. The problem with outdoor blinds, though, is that they can weather quite quickly. Let’s take a look at some long-lasting alternatives.

3 alternatives to outdoor blinds

There are a few long-lasting sun control solutions that can help you make the most of outdoor spaces. 

1. Awnings

Adding cover is one of the best things to do to use your outdoor living space more. A fixed elegant awning offers consistent protection, but if you still want the flexibility of letting the sun flow in when you want to then an adjustable louvre awning is the perfect option. Awnings allow you to choose how to enjoy and control the sunny daylight hours. Not only that, but our modern awnings are stylish, custom designed and manufactured to last.

2. Architectural facades and sunscreens

Architectural facades and sunscreens offer climate control, sun protection, improved aesthetic appearance, privacy management and security. Their benefits are many. They have become popular in modern-day architecture as they are manufactured to visually enhance properties. It’s a great way to give your property a new look. Property owners can now cost-efficiently and practically invest in their personal and business properties. A facade or sunscreen doesn’t come with an an expensive property renovation price tag, yet is designed to be functional and durable.

3. Shutters

Outdoor patio shutters are also becoming a popular alternative to outdoor blinds. Some people use them to completely enclose their patios. Although they are longer lasting, they can be a costly option. 

Contact us today to set up a site visit with one of our team members. Let us help you come up with a long-lasting sun control solution that works for your property.

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