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Retail storeroom storage and organisation ideas

If you’re in retail, you probably have a love/hate relationship with your storeroom – you know that you need the space, but you wish that it was more organised. Often, the focus is given to the design of the store layout, and no attention is paid to the storeroom. We believe that a well-planned storeroom is key to retail success. Let’s take a look at some retail storeroom storage and organisation ideas that you can try out.

9 ideas for retail storeroom storage and organisation

There are essentially two key ways to help keep stock organised (which is essential during high-traffic periods): shelving and hooks. The main advantage of both of these storage options is that they can quite easily be DIY installed. Let’s begin with these primary storage ideas, and then we’ll list some other organisation tips to help you and your staff stay on top of inventory. 

1. Install racking or shelving

Light industrial racking or industrial shelving is ideal for a retail storeroom as they have the capability to hold weighty items, get stock off the floor and help you make use of vertical space. You can use standard-size options or get some custom-made racks and shelves to fit the unique storeroom space that you have. What’s more, there are so many great ways to (up)style your industrial shelves that you might even consider using them in the store as well. 

2. Hang hooks

Storage hook systems are the perfect way to clear some of the clutter typical of a storeroom. There may be some retail stock items that are better hung up as opposed to being put into boxes and stored on shelves. With so many different types of hooks and tracks, and so many ways to use hooks, there is no doubt they can be used to help organise your storeroom stock, and even hang staff members’ handbags, scarves, hats, etc. 

3. Store a ladder and/or stool

Now that you’ll be making more effective use of the vertical space in your storeroom, make sure you have a ladder and/or stool that you can quickly use to get to higher shelves. This is important because if it isn’t easy to get to the top shelves, staff will inevitably leave stock on lower shelves. The thought is often, “I’ll put it away properly later,” but this is hardly ever done. If you’re worried about a ladder or stool taking up too much valuable space, invest in a high-quality foldaway option.

4. Prioritise important stock items

When it comes to arranging stock items in your storeroom, prioritise easy access to fast-moving important stock items. Stock items that move slower can be placed higher up on shelves, for example.

5. Keep heavy items closer to the floor

For practical and safety reasons, it is better to keep your heavier stock items closer to the ground so that they are easier to access and move. Lighter items can be stored higher up.

6. Use inventory software

Keeping track of your inventory is essential, especially if you have a lot of different stock items and a lot of small stock items. Invest in a good, user-friendly software solution that removes the headache of trying to track things on paper. 

7. Label everything

Every storage box, shelf and area in your storeroom must be very clearly labelled so that there is no mistaking what items belong where. This makes it so much easier for staff to quickly and easily find what they are looking for. 

8. Ensure adequate lighting

We often envisage storerooms to be dark, tucked-away rooms with cobwebs, but they need to be well-lit spaces to assist staff in locating the required stock.

9. Use the right storage containers

If necessary, store smaller stock items in storage containers that help protect the stock, as well as help keep the stock together. This could take the form of boxes or plastic containers for items stored on shelves or bags for items hung on hooks. 

Let us help you organise and optimise your retail storeroom space. Contact us to arrange a site visit or to get a custom quote on racking, shelving and hooks that will work perfectly for the space that you have. Alternatively, you can simply shop online for the shelving and hooks that you need.

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