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Why choose a louvred roof for your patio?

A comfortable patio is a beautiful addition to a home or office, and it’s especially enjoyed all year round in South Africa with our warmer climate. As an effective way to optimise your property’s outdoor space, it’s a good idea to cover your patio to protect it from the elements. Perhaps you’ve made the excellent decision to do so, but now you need to choose what type of roof you want. Let’s consider why a louvred roof is a great option.

Why choose a louvred roof?

A louvred roof not only offers cover but also versatility. The greatest advantage of a louvred roof is that you can adjust the louvres in different seasons:

  • In autumn and winter – open the louvres during the day to let the sun in and close them in the evenings to retain heat.
  • In spring and summer – close the louvred roof during the day to keep the patio shaded and cool, and protected from UV damage, rain and hail. On clear and hot afternoons or evenings, open the louvres to allow cool air to flow into your patio space. But keep them closed if there is a chance of rain.

Ultimately, a louvred roof gives you the ability to control (manually or motorised) how you enjoy your patio, and this flexibility can transform the way you use the space. Some other advantages of having an adjustable louvre awning include the following:

  • Light control
  • Ventilation management
  • Rain protection
  • UV protection
  • Outdoor enjoyment
  • Aesthetic enhancement
  • Investment
  • Easy to use and maintain

Good quality and well-designed adjustable louvre awnings (verstelbare son beheer) are also usually manufactured from a premium, specially imported material called zincalume, which offers aluminium’s corrosion-resistant capabilities with steel’s rigidity.

An exterior awning will certainly add value to your property, whether you do choose a louvred roof or a fixed one. Contact us to chat about the best investment for your patio. 

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