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10 burglar proofing tips to note before going on vacation

When you’re away on holiday, the last thing you want to worry about is whether your property is safe. Before even thinking about what to pack, take note of these burglar proofing tips to ensure your business and personal properties are secure. You may be going on holiday, but burglars are not.

10 burglar proofing tips

1. Burglar proof your windows

Let’s face it: burglars are rude! They find it completely acceptable to climb through windows to get into properties that don’t belong to them. Here are 5 things you can do to burglar proof windows. First things first – do you have burglar bars? It’s time to raise the bar(s)! Whether you opt for cottage pane, horizontal, trellis or transparent burglar bars, get them fitted today!

2. Change your locks

Perhaps, over time, you’ve cut some copies of your keys and you’ve handed them out to numerous people that may have needed access into your business or personal property. If you’ve lost track of how many copies are floating around, and who has access, then it’s a good idea to go through the hassle of changing your locks. 

3. Secure all levels

Don’t forget to also secure above-ground access points. All too often, we can incorrectly assume that burglars can’t get into offices and homes through the first, second or higher floors. Not only can they just take the lift or walk up the stairs, but they are also usually quite capable of climbing up onto balconies. Here are some tips for burglar proofing apartments or flats.  

4. Light things up

Burglars love to sneak around in the dark. Make sure the perimeter of your property is well lit up, especially all access points.

5. Get security gates

Adding an additional layer of security – in the form of solid or retractable security gates – on front doors, passage doors, patio doors and any other entrances is key to keeping your property extra secure.

6. Invest in a linked alarm system

An alarm system (incorporating security cameras and beams) that is linked to a security company is key in early detection, notification and response to attempted burglaries.

7. Don’t display valuables

What the burglar’s eyes do not see, the burglar’s heart does not desire. Don’t show off all the things you have in an effort to keep up with the Jones’s. When going away, put all your jewellery and valuables in a safe. It’s also best to hide computers and other expensive equipment away.

8. Recruit extra eyes

Before going on holiday, ask a few people who you trust to keep an eye on things while you’re away and let you know if they see anything strange. If you’re worried about your business property, why not hire a security guard? If you’re concerned about your home, hire a housesitter. 

9. Trim down

No, we don’t mean trim down for your holiday. We mean get your gardening tools out and start trimming down the trees and shrubs around your property. That way, there is nowhere for a burglar to hide. 

10. Lock up

It may seem obvious, but don’t forget to lock everything up before you leave. 

We would suggest putting all of these burglar proofing tips into place before you head off on your holiday. Get in touch with our team as soon as possible to get an obligation-free quote on security barriers for your home or business property. 

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