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Tips for burglar proofing apartments or flats

Apartment living in South African urban areas is becoming increasingly common. Although new apartment blocks offer residents great security and visitor management, we can’t assume that the risk of burglars breaking in is completely eliminated. We also can’t assume that if an apartment is on the first or second (or higher) floor then a burglar can’t get in as easily. Unfortunately, letting down our guard, no matter what type of residence we live in, is never a good idea. Perhaps you’ve recently moved into an apartment or flat and you’re wisely wondering what kind of security you need to keep burglars at bay. Here are some excellent tips for burglar proofing apartments or flats

Tips for burglar proofing apartments or flats

Tip 1: Secure your door

Believe it or not, one of the main ways burglars break into apartments is through the front door. It’s not only important to ensure that your front door is locked, even when you’re at home, but also to install a security gate in front of your door. A solid security swing gate is a necessary additional layer of security for apartment living and helps to keep any uninvited guests out. 

Tip 2: Secure your windows

Just because your apartment or flat is on the first or second (or higher) floor, it doesn’t mean that burglars can’t slip themselves (or their hands) through your windows. Installing burglar bars on your apartment windows will deter criminals and give you peace of mind. If you’re worried about how they may affect exterior appearance, cottage pane and horizontal burglar bars can easily and flawlessly be matched to the colours of your apartment. Alternatively, you wouldn’t even notice transparent burglar bars, which are a good alternative to metal burglar bars and the perfect solution for deterring vervet monkeys and chacma baboons. Otherwise, you may prefer to go with static security barriers that complement your retractable security gate design.

Tip 3: Secure your balcony

Yes, most burglars are quite capable of climbing up onto apartment balconies and getting into apartments through balcony doors. A good security option here is to install a retractable security gate, which means that you can easily slide it away when it’s not needed and slamlock it in place when it is. There are many advantages of installing an expandable barrier in your home. 

Burglar proofing apartments is an important investment. Not only that, but installing security barriers will more than likely decrease your monthly household insurance premiums. Get in touch with the King Trellis team today to get your apartment or flat burglar proofed. 

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