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The different types of burglar bar designs

Burglar bars are often a necessity in South African homes and businesses. Even in secure estates, complexes and business parks, petty crime still happens. It’s only natural for us to want to protect the people we love and the possessions we own. The question, therefore, is not “should we get burglar bars?”, but “what type of burglar bars should we get?” In this article, we consider four different types of burglar bar designs.      

4 different types of burglar bar designs

Burglar bars refer to any kind of security bars located on the windows of a property. The aim is to prevent unwanted visitors from gaining access into a building through the window. There are a few burglar bar designs to choose from. 

1. Cottage pane burglar bars

Modular cottage pane welded burglar bars are designed to line up with cottage pane windows. The cottage pane burglar bars are customised on-site to ensure they are aligned with the cottage pane windows. They are “hidden” further by being able to choose one of four epoxy powder-coated colours to match the colour of the cottage panes. This makes them the neatest and most aesthetically pleasing option for cottage pane windows. 

2. Horizontal burglar bars

Horizontal burglar bars are similar to cottage pane burglar bars, but with no vertical bars. They don’t need to be customised on-site, but are usually custom manufactured in a welding facility before installation. They can be epoxy powder coated to match the colour of the window panes. They are also as neat and aesthetically pleasing because the bars are spaced evenly to cover the windows. 

3. Static burglar bars

Static burglar bars are non-retractable metal barriers designed to complement trellis security gates. With this in mind, they are available in matching colours and flight shapes, e.g. X, O or A. The advantage, therefore, of static burglar bars is that they can create an aesthetically uniform appearance.

4. Transparent burglar bars

Transparent burglar bars are manufactured from UV-resistant flexible polycarbonate material. The main advantage of clear burglar bars is that they’re “invisible security” – they’re there, but don’t ruin the appearance of your property. Clear burglar bars are unobtrusive, yet fully functional and secure.

Have you decided which one of the burglar bar designs will work best for your windows? Generally speaking, burglar bars that are customised to complement your property are the first prize. Send an email with your window measurements and we’ll send you a quote for a custom solution and/or set up a site visit with you.

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