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Where can clear view burglar bars be used?

There are a few different types of burglar bar designs. Currently, especially in South Africa, clear view burglar bars are popular because they offer a type of “invisible security” – security without hampering the view. Transparent burglar bars are manufactured from UV-resistant flexible polycarbonate and secured with a unique fastening system to ensure strength. There are many places where clear view burglar bars work effectively.

6 places clear view burglar bars can be used

1. Coastal homes

Invisible burglar bars are perfect for coastal regions for a number of reasons.

  • They do not rust, which is a challenge encountered with metal burglar bars. 
  • They do not hamper the beautiful ocean views typical of seaside homes.
  • They can help deter vervet monkeys and chacma baboons that cause problems in KwaZulu-Natal and Western Cape when they venture into residential areas looking for food.

2. Residential estates and complexes

If you live in a secure residential estate or complex where there are access control systems in place then clear burglar bars can offer protection against petty crime. Welded metal burglar bars are usually not necessary in this instance, but installing transparent bars can give you peace of mind to leave windows open.

3. Houses and apartments

Home and apartment owners in boomed-off and secure areas may prefer clear burglar bars to enjoy surrounding views, allow more light in and avoid a feeling of being closed in. They can also simply act as an additional layer of security when other security measures are in place, e.g. a patio or balcony has a retractable security barrier or a bedroom has security shutters, which (when opened) can leave a window vulnerable.

4. Corporate offices and business parks

Polycarbonate burglar bars are great for corporate offices and business parks where security is tight and visitor management procedures are in place, as they can offer staff and visitors peace of mind and protect businesses from petty crime.

5. Retail shop windows

If your retail shop in a secure shopping mall has windows displaying products that you’d like to keep secure, but without affecting the shopper’s view of the products, then transparent security bars are a great solution.

6. Service hatches

Clear burglar bars are ideal for service hatches or windows at tuck shops, backs, etc. to protect the service provider from any criminal activity.  

Transparent burglar bars certainly offer some unique multifunctional benefits. If you’d like to explore installing transparent or other custom burglar bar options for your property, please get in touch with us.

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