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Why install sliding security gates after a break-in?

Opportunistic and planned break-ins are, unfortunately, quite common in South Africa. Yet it is still unnerving to experience an invasion. It can leave you feeling anxious and vulnerable. It is also frustrating to deal with the administration involved in reporting the incident, repairing breakages and replacing stolen items. It is physically, mentally and emotionally costly. If the burglars held up family members or employees on the property, it is also important for them to undergo trauma counselling. Installing additional security can definitely help reduce fear. We usually recommend starting with sliding security gates as a first step towards improving security after a break-in.

Why sliding security gates?

Installing any form of security after a break-in is a wise decision. It will immediately make you feel safer to put some sort of barrier on all building openings. Let’s go through 15 reasons why sliding security gates are a great starting option for personal and business properties.

1. They are visible when needed (and invisible when not needed)

The biggest advantage of trellis security gates is that they are there when you need them and gone when you don’t. Visible security is the best crime deterrent as it tells criminals that your property is protected, and it is not an easy target. It also makes everyone on the property feel safer as they can see the security gate is there.

2. They open and close with ease

Sliding security gates can quickly and easily be opened or slid into place when it’s lock-up time. In addition, most good retractable security gates will instantly lock when they are slammed shut.

3. They don’t require electricity

It’s easy to quickly slide your security gate shut, even when there is no power. That means you’re safe during loadshedding.

4. They are strong

The stronger the crime barrier in place, the better. Reputable manufacturers like King Brands make strong gates that are almost impenetrable. It will take a long time for burglars to break in – if they aren’t completely put off. When choosing the best security gate, make sure you ask what the gate is made from. The most robust sliding gates are metal and run on steel a steel roller bearing within a galvanised track.

5. They are secure

Well-made sliding security gates usually have a deadlock slamlock system and tamper-proof lock.​

6. They are affordable

Trellis gates are an affordable security option. There is usually a variety of product options to suit every budget and security need.

7. They are versatile

There are different expandable security gate options available for domestic, commercial or industrial use​.

8. They are durable

Quality trellis gates are durable because they are secured on all sides within a top and bottom track system.

9. They are custom-made or DIY

Both sliding and swing gates can be completely customised to fit any unique space. If your door is a standard size then DIY options are also available and can even be purchased online.

10. They are practical

There are essentially two purposes of a trellis door: security and practicality. The fact that they are almost invisible when they are open is one of the advantages of an expandable security gate

11. They burglar proof properties

If you plan on going away for the weekend, burglar proof your home before you even plan your trip. Security gates help to keep the burglars out.

12. They are an investment

Sliding security gates are not only an investment into your mental health by contributing towards a safer environment, but also an investment into your property. Properties with good security installed are highly sought after.  

13. They create a safety zone

Sliding security gates are ideal for securing sliding doors, covered patios, access doors, passages, hatches, shop fronts and more. In doing so, they can help create a safety zone on your property – a secure area where people on the property can escape to or hide if there is a break-in. A retractable gate, especially a strong one, buys people time to respond to a threat. 

14. They let the breeze in

Security is a basic need, but nobody wants to feel claustrophobic. Security barriers are great for summer, as they allow you to leave doors and windows open for fresh air. 

15. They are easy to maintain

Retractable gates are easy to maintain and clean. There are some simple steps to follow to extend the life of a security gate

If you’ve experienced a break-in and want to install a sliding security gate, make sure the sliding security gate that you install ticks all the must-have boxes. Please email for a quote.

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