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Running out of warehouse storage space?

One of the biggest challenges you can face as someone who owns, manages, works at or relies on a warehouse storage facility is that of running out of warehouse storage space. Stock keeps coming in, but there is nowhere to put it. This is an especially prevalent problem when increased levels of inventory are experienced in preparation for the year-end festive period. By the end of the year, there is also a lot of dead stock items or slow-moving goods that need to be appropriately stored. The reality is that things pile up quickly and storage space runs out fast. Here are some things you can do to solve the problem. 

4 things to solve warehouse storage space challenges

1. Conduct a cleanout and stock take

The best way to make space is to remove the things that are currently taking up space. If you have a lot of dead stock and slow-moving goods then perhaps consider doing a warehouse sale, which means offering items to staff or customers at reduced prices. In addition to stock, you may have furniture, marketing collateral, visual merchandising items, stationery, boxes, crates and pallets – and other random items that can end up being “dumped” in your warehouse – that can be removed. Once you made some room, consider doing a stock take to gain further insight into what stock can be moved along the supply chain and what you need to make space for.

2. Get or improve your racking system

A warehouse racking system is pivotal to the successful operation of your warehouse. Think of your racking system as the interior organisation design of your warehouse. They are typically metal structures built to store warehouse items. There are a number of different racking options to suit your unique requirements. Adjustable pallet racking (also known as standard duty racking and selective storage) is one of the most common systems selected in South Africa because of the many advantages it offers. As long as it is operated optimally and safely, pallet racking can really help you optimise the warehouse space that you have. 

3. Invest in additional storage solutions

The key to every storage challenge is to first establish a place for everything, and then put everything in its proper place. There are a few warehouse storage solutions that you can implement, including racking, shelving, hooks and mezzanine floors. Certainly one of the main benefits of mezzanine floors is immediate additional storage space. 

4. Stay organised

When things get busy or when warehouse staff are not trained properly, stock can end up in the wrong places. It’s important to put proper procedures and stock organisation rules in place.

If you’re rapidly running out of warehouse storage space, contact our Dura Racking team today. We can help you figure out the commercial or industrial storage solution that will work best for your warehouse. 

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