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The benefits of architectural screens

Architectural screens are gaining popularity in South Africa as a cost-effective way to truly transform buildings. The terms building facades, fascias and screens are often used interchangeably to refer to metal panels that are installed to provide privacy and protection, as well as beautify a building. They are becoming regular additions in the concept or revitalising phases of any domestic or commercial architectural project. Our architectural facades, fascias and screens offer many benefits – all of which offer the home or business property owner protection and cost savings.

7 protective, cost-saving benefits of architectural screens

1. Sun protection

The South African sun can be harsh. Architectural screens are a great way to protect building exteriors, interior floors, furniture, windows and paintwork from the damaging effects of the sun. Zincalume screens are a good long-lasting alternative to outdoor blinds, as they don’t weather when constantly exposed to UV rays.

2. Wind protection

Similarly, the wind in South Africa can also be a little wild at times. Erecting architectural screens can help to create sheltered spaces around properties that protect people and furniture on windy days. 

3. Rain, hail and snow protection

When the rain falls sideways, golf-ball hailstones pelt down and snow floats around, architectural screens and facades offer phenomenal protection for those coming and going. For example, screens erected around exterior staircases and on the walkways of apartment or office floors can provide much-needed shelter on stormy days. 

4. Noise protection

Architectural facades, fascias and screens can effectively be used to create a sound barrier that offers those living and working in busy environments some noise protection.

5. Privacy protection

Similarly, screens offer privacy management by screening off sections of properties. It’s common to use facades and screens on your outdoor entertainment area to not only protect the area from the elements, but also to provide privacy. You can use a combination of screens and patio blinds to maximise this effect. Doing this will most likely give you the freedom to use your outdoor living space more and make better use of an outdoor patio.  

6. Aesthetic protection

There are essentially three ways to give your property a new look:

  1. Facades and features
  2. Paint and plants
  3. Lighting and landscaping

Modern architectural screens are designed to be aesthetically pleasing, and to cover up all the “ugly” parts of a building like staircases and air conditioners. You can cover up holes and unsightly things on walls, as well as install matching doors that help hide things like cleaning equipment from view.

Screens can easily enhance the exterior appearance of buildings, and are a great way to rejuvenate office buildings, and any building really, without doing costly renovations. Perhaps it is time to update your commercial building with a facade renovation. It’s a fantastic investment to make because it can give the building a fresh appearance and improve customer perception of your business. Facades, fascias and screens can be erected fairly quickly with little disruption to day-to-day business affairs.

7. Building protection

By protecting buildings from the sun, wind and rain – and by being weather-resistant themselves – facades and screens help to protect and rejuvenate buildings. Why wouldn’t you want to protect your property investments?

The protective, cost-saving benefits of architectural screens are clear. Get in touch with us if you’d like to set up a meeting with one of our All Seasons representatives to brainstorm some ideas for your property.

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